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19-03-2019 - Thank you for your visit at COSMOPACK 2019
06-03-2019 - COSMOPACK 2019 Come and visit us!
12-05-2017 - Thank you for visiting our booth at Interpack 2017!
10-04-2017 - INTERPACK 2017, once again we will be there!
22-03-2017 - Thank you for having visited our stand at Cosmoprof 2017!
13-01-2017 - Cosmopack 2017
17-10-2016 - 500 lt HEATED MIXER
03-10-2016 - MA 1 - beverage
12-09-2016 - SHAPED STRIPS 10,000 - Wax takes a shape
30-06-2016 - New machine for the production of depilatory strips
13-05-2016 - Filling and seaming line with compensated vacuum (MAP)
04-04-2016 - A special thanks to all our visitors!
11-03-2016 - Cosmoprof is just around the corner
02-03-2016 - Cosmoprof has to be drop after another!
07-01-2016 - The wax drops machine at Cosmopack 2016
24-08-2015 - WAX DROPS MACHINE
25-05-2015 - Thank you for having visited our stand at Ipack-Ima 2015!
02-03-2015 - Put yourself under cover! A shower of... wax drops is coming!


We are presenting for the first time the new filling machine RL 300 mobile

This new machine, thanks to the innovative in line bottles transport and positioning system, which doesn’t provide for the replacement of parts at format, is absolutely necessary for those who want to get a good productivity even dealing with a high number of different kinds of bottles and products.
Below the main distinguishing features of this machine:
- in line machine with 3 or 5 dosing syringes;
- modular design which ensures a high productivity combining different transport and dosing groups;
- applicable to all bottles shapes and dimensions just making some easy adjustments and changing some settings from the operator panel, without the need for replacing parts at format;
- even higher number of settings which further adjust the dosing operations to further optimize the production quality and speed, for the most diverse types of products;
- 3 different motor drives servo interpolated to activate the product dosing, the nozzles carriage movement and the bottles positioning movement under the dosing area;
- 3 extremely robust and precise volumetric dosing devices.
Have a look at the pictures and video we have published! You will be impressed by its fluid and linear operation, extremely easy and performing.
Do not hesitate to contact us for further information, we will be glad to meet your needs as best as we can!

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