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For over 20 years for us packaging in cans in a serious thing

Ipack Ima 2015 is coming and this year a fortiori, being at the same time as Expo 2015, it will be even more decisive for restarting.

In keeping with the theme of Expo 2015 ’Nourishing the Planet Energy for Life’, we have thought to propose at Ipack-Ima 2015 everything concerning our packaging systems for jars, bottles and in particular cans.
On the occasion of this special event, we will be proud to present to you the following machines and systems:

- Complete packaging line for cans made of a filling machine for food products (nuts, peanuts, pistachios and dry fruit in general, coffee, powder milk, tea, spices, nutritional supplements), can inerting (with results of oxygen residue below 1%), can bottom laying and related seaming by means of our latest arrival, the MA 99 FM MAP, lot marking, etc. up to the aroma-keeper cap laying.
We will check together with you, live, the actual oxygen residue remaining inside the can and we will check the correct seaming disassembling a can which has just been seamed, measuring the values and comparing them with the ones indicated on the international reference tables.
How many people do it live without the fear of being discredited?

- The MA 260, single head, in line rotating seaming machine, which has always been our flagship product in the seaming field. Indeed, thanks to his start up by means of 3 independent and electronically adjustable motorizations (seaming head, cans rotating star-wheel, automatic positioning of the seaming head height), it allows a high quality closing of every kind of can and cap format.

- The MA 260 BEV, seaming machine especially suitable for beverage. Thanks to his reduced pitch and reshaped seaming head, it can boast a high production speed for a single head seaming machine with stationary can.

Moreover, we remind you that our company, thanks to his flexibility, has always been specialized in special packaging solutions.

Do not hesitate, we are waiting for you!

If you are interested in an appointment with our technicians to analyze a problem, schedule a meeting by sending an email to According to the day on which you are present, we will communicate to you the suitable time to come and visit us to be sure to be able to dedicate to you the necessary time!

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