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19-03-2019 - Thank you for your visit at COSMOPACK 2019
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24-08-2015 - WAX DROPS MACHINE
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02-03-2015 - Put yourself under cover! A shower of... wax drops is coming!


Small, cheap and versatile, the MAGO 50 is the machine par excellence, appropriate for small and medium productions of hot depilatory wax drops.

Excellent union between compactness and productivity

The machine, which is completely produced in our factory in Italy is extremely compact and completely autonomous. You just have to connect the pipe to the wax tank and it can produce autonomously up to 50 kg drops per hour.
Maximum flexibility

Thanks to the special drops production systems and the wax feeding, the MAGO 50 can produce drops having different diameters just making easy adjustments.
It is also possible to implement a packaging system into bags of calibrated weight, allowing the operator to have a complete production and packaging line. The most demanding who need high productions, thanks to the machine modularity, can integrate into the packaging line 2, 3 or more machines in ’tandem’ in order to have all the drops unloaded on the same packaging system collection conveyor belt. In this way you can have at your disposal either a big production packaging line or a production line which allows diversifying the different wax drops colors or kind of wax dedicating a machine to each color.

A machine for everybody

Thanks to the simple machine design and its small size, the MAGO 50 doesn’t need any installation from our technicians, if not required, making it particularly attractive in every part of the world.

Technical data

Machine length------------------ 3 MT
Machine depth ---------------- 1,1 MT
Machine height ---------------- 1,8 MT
Weight ------------------------- 950 KG
Hourly production ------ up to 50 KG

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