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Here it is the new robotic painting system of tractor and excavator rollers installed in 2015.

The system performs completely autonomously:

- The research of the rollers arranged on the pallets (up to 4 stacked pallets) which enter automatically in the research area, carried out by the palletizing robot, when required by the system;
- The transport of each roller unloaded from the inlet pallet to the station which orientates it and checks its weight;
- The roller transport, carried out by a second movement robot, to the paint-spraying booth, where it is painted;
- The roller painting carried out by a third robot;
- The roller transport to the touching up booth where it is touched up at its ends;
- The roller transport to the paint ’backing’ oven;
- The labeling of the painted rollers;
- The greasing of the fixing holes (for the excavator rollers);
- The arrangement of the finished rollers on the pallet out of the line;
- The rollers strapping on the pallets.

Moreover, the system automatically picks up the pallets from the loading conveyor recognizing the type and piling them up in the correct pallet warehouse sector from where afterwards, always in complete autonomy, they will be picked up and arranged in the unloading conveyor to accommodate the outgoing rollers.

As we said the system is completely autonomous and can handle a great variety of rollers (from the smallest of about 30 kilos to the biggest one which is more than 200 kg) making all the necessary settings according to the type of roller and pallet it has to deal with. Operators must only load the pallet with the rough rollers to be painted at the inlet, unload the pallet with the complete and strapped painted rollers, and supervise the system.

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