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Semi automatic machine for filling dense and semi-dense products in cans

If you are thinking about automating a filling and seaming production of cans with products that are liquid, dense or in the liquid state when heated but you don’t have to produce high numbers, this new machine will be definitely the one for you.
Small, cheap, versatile, the filling-seaming machine is the machine which allows you to produce easily and safely small daily lots of cans.

What the machine consists of

The machine consists of a base completely coated in stainless steel, a carrousel for the cans transport, a special filling system with pump driven by a brushless motor, a seaming head that allows to seam the lids on the cans, a series of photocells to manage the filling and for the operator’s safety, a color operator panel with touch screen technology from where you set and display the production parameters and a stainless steel electric board to contain all the control components.
Moreover, in case the machine has to deal with products that become liquid when heated, it can be equipped with a flexible heated and insulated pipe to pick up the product, a pipe heating system managed by a thermo regulator mounted on the operator panel and a filling pump heating system managed by another thermo regulator always mounted on the operator panel.

Lot marking

It is also possible to include in the machine an ink-jet marking system to mark the lot number at the bottom or in the side of the containers during the translation of the transport star-wheel.

Capping of all types

As you can see in the video, the same machine can also make other types of capping.
This means that, besides seaming, if necessary, we can also make the cap pressing or screwing.

Have a look at the video and picture and do not hesitate to contact us for any further information, we will be glad to satisfy your requests as well as possible!

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