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APR 1000 - Infeed and outfeed rotary table

Aroma keeper cap laying machine

DM 1000 DMR 1000 - Mechatronic dosing machine (heated)

DOPA 2016: manual machine for filling hot products

DP 1000 DPR 1000 - Pneumatic dosing machine (heated)

Hot dosing + cooling line

Hot wax discs - MACIA

Linear filling and capping

MA 260 - Seaming machine

MA 99 FM MAP - Seaming machine with M.A.P. technology

MAGO 50 - Wax drops machine

Mastri 6000 - Machine for the production of depilatory strips

RTG 300 - Rotating filling and capping machine




TRD 2100 - Conveyor belt with sorting system

DM 1000 DMR 1000 - Mechatronic dosing machine (heated)

Technology and high-class serve filling

Automatic machine driven by brushless servomotor, used for high precision volumetric filling of liquid, dense and semidense products.
Thanks to this new moving system, DM can easily dose the harder products, too.
The mechatronic dosing machine could be supplied in two versions, bench type or with handling trolley, and for both there are normal and heated versions too.

Incomparable accuracy and repeatability

The piston movement is obtained by ballscrew and linear motion guide, allowing the machine to carry out the dosings with unique accuracy and repeatability. The machine can dose a quantitative from a minimum of 1 cc. up to a maximum of 1020 cc.

High speeds

Thanks to the possibility to carry out each dosing in two phases with different speeds settings, the machine can reach high production speed even with hard products.

Easy programming and visualization

Every setting is easily programmable on the touch screen panel. The visualization of settings expressed in cubic centimetres, the opportunity to use nine different dosing types and to include at any time a drop catching system by touch screen panel, make this machine unique in the sector.

Solutions at the service of flexibility

On the intake manifold, through a clamp, it can be assembled both a rubber holder and an hopper. The nozzle for the product exit, fixed with a clamp to the intake manifold, can be quickly replaced.

All always under control

As well as being easily and quickly programmable, on the touch screen panel it is also possible to display at any time every data needed to the production as: quantity, suction and filling speed, average of bottles per minute, number of bottles produced, and so on.
Furthermore, it is possible to set a number of bottles to be filled: once the quantity is reached, the machine stops automatically.

Technical Data

Depth ------------------------------------------------1100 mm.
Width ------------------------------------------------600 mm.
Voltage ----------------------------------------------380 V
Installed Electric Power (DM) ----------------- 600 W
Installed Electric Power (DMR) ---------------- 3 KW
Air Pressure (DM) ---------------------------------5 ATM.

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