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APR 1000 - Infeed and outfeed rotary table

Aroma keeper cap laying machine

DM 1000 DMR 1000 - Mechatronic dosing machine (heated)

DOPA 2016: manual machine for filling hot products

DP 1000 DPR 1000 - Pneumatic dosing machine (heated)

Hot dosing + cooling line

Hot wax discs - MACIA

Linear filling and capping

MA 260 - Seaming machine

MA 99 FM MAP - Seaming machine with M.A.P. technology

MAGO 50 - Wax drops machine

Mastri 6000 - Machine for the production of depilatory strips

RTG 300 - Rotating filling and capping machine




TRD 2100 - Conveyor belt with sorting system

MA 99 FM MAP - Seaming machine with M.A.P. technology


Rotating in-line machine, realized to close through seaming, for small and middle quantity production of cylindrical metal cans, giving the possibility to the operator for inerting the product in the cans in order to maintain unaltered its aroma. Thanks to the M.A.P. system (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) that during the seaming phase aspirates air from inside the can and replaces it with an inerting gas (nitrogen or CO2), oxygen within the can is completely eliminated. MA 99 FM 10 VC has an automatic cap laying system and three seaming heads that close the cans during the rotation of the star-wheel can-trasporting element. Each seaming head, before closing the can, check the presence of cap, carrying out the following automatic discard of the can when the cap is not present.

Great flexibility

The machine is driven by three independent motorizations which are electrically adjustable (seaming head, can rotation star-wheel, conveyor feed), allowing an excellent quality of closing on any can and lid size.

Quick format change

A fourth motorization, with adjustable speed, and a set of angle bevel gears and transmission components, enable to take few seconds for the adjustment of format height, just pushing two buttons.
The seaming diameter adjustment is very simple and precise, rotating the central lockring placed on the seaming head.
Thanks to the quick and easy operations to carry out, the change of can format requires a very short time.

Compactness and safety

Thanks to the machine small dimensions, the operator can carry out easily the load of lids store, and constantly control each part of the machine in every processing stage. A set of mechanical and electrical control systems and safety devices avoids damages to any machine component and guarantees the operator safety.

Hygiene and cleanliness

The fairing of the machine is completely made in stainless steel. In addition, the easiness and accessibility to each of the parts that compose the machine allow the operator cleaning accurately and easily all the parts of the machine.

Technical Data

Installed electric power---------------------------5 KW
Air pressure-----------------------------------------6 ATM.
Minimum can diameter ---------------------------50 mm.
Maximum can diameter --------------------------99 mm.
Minimum can height-------------------------------56 mm.
Maximum can height ---------------------------- 260 mm.
Time required for change of full format
(can and lid diameter and height)--------------15 min.
Time required for change of can height------few seconds

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