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APR 1000 - Infeed and outfeed rotary table

Aroma keeper cap laying machine

DM 1000 DMR 1000 - Mechatronic dosing machine (heated)

DOPA 2016: manual machine for filling hot products

DP 1000 DPR 1000 - Pneumatic dosing machine (heated)

Hot dosing + cooling line

Hot wax discs - MACIA

Linear filling and capping

MA 260 - Seaming machine

MA 99 FM MAP - Seaming machine with M.A.P. technology

MAGO 50 - Wax drops machine

Mastri 6000 - Machine for the production of depilatory strips

RTG 300 - Rotating filling and capping machine




TRD 2100 - Conveyor belt with sorting system

DOPA 2016: manual machine for filling hot products

With this machine you will be able to dose manually and easily any kind of product which needs heat to be in the liquid state.

What the machine consists of

The machine consists of a special dosing system with a pump operated by a brushless motor; an operating panel with touch screen technology, a highly flexible heated and insulated pipe, a control gun at the end of the heated pipe, a pipe heating system controlled by a thermoregulator mounted on the electrical panel, a dosing pump heating system controlled by another thermoregulator, an electrical board containing all the command controls and a trolley with support pirouetting wheels. If requested the machine may be equipped with a female connector for inserting the heated hose, controlled this too by a third thermoregulator.

The control is in your hands

By means of the only button present on the dosing gun, you will be able to perform the kind of dosing that you prefer:

• Dosing at sight: for as long as you hold down the dosing button the product comes out, allowing you to fill any container to the wished level. The volume you are dosing is always displayed on the control panel.

• Dosing per volume: if you set a volume on the operating panel, if you press and then release the button, the dosing gun doses the product and then stops when it reaches the set volume.

• Stopping the dosing: in case you realize while you are dosing that the container you are filling leaks or that it is too small for the volume you have set, pushing the button the dosing stops immediately preventing to dirt all the surface you are working on.

You can set the dosing parameters without difficulties

On the touch screen panel, you can set in a logical way all the dosing parameters such as the volume, the speed, the double speed (in case you want to fill quickly the first part of the container and then slowly the final part, preventing the product from pouring out) and many other settings that, thanks to the dosing technology used, are very easy. Moreover, if you key in on the panel the product volume quantity present inside the tank from where you take it, the machine will signal to you automatically when the product is finished.

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