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APR 1000 - Infeed and outfeed rotary table

Aroma keeper cap laying machine

DM 1000 DMR 1000 - Mechatronic dosing machine (heated)

DOPA 2016: manual machine for filling hot products

DP 1000 DPR 1000 - Pneumatic dosing machine (heated)

Hot dosing + cooling line

Hot wax discs - MACIA

Linear filling and capping

MA 260 - Seaming machine

MA 99 FM MAP - Seaming machine with M.A.P. technology

MAGO 50 - Wax drops machine

Mastri 6000 - Machine for the production of depilatory strips

RTG 300 - Rotating filling and capping machine




TRD 2100 - Conveyor belt with sorting system


 Semi automatic machine for filling depilatory wax in cans and cartridges

If you are thinking about automating the production of wax cartridges and cans but you don’t have high numbers, this new machine will be definitely the one for you.
Small, cheap, versatile, the start wax 2016 is the machine which allows you to produce easily and safely small daily lots both of cartridges and cans.
This model is available in 3 versions: start wax all, machine that can produce both cans and cartridges; start wax cans, machine that can produce just cans; start wax cartridges, machine that can produce just cartridges.

What the machine consists of

The machine consists of a base completely coated in stainless steel, a carrousel for the cans/cartridges transport, a special filling system with pump driven by a brushless motor, a special tightening group which allows to press the roll on caps on the cartridges and seam the lids on the cans, a series of photocells to manage the filling and for the operator’s safety, a color operator panel with touch screen technology from where you set and display the production parameters, a flexible heated and insulated pipe to pick up wax, a pipe heating system managed by a thermo regulator mounted on the operator panel, a filling pump heating system managed by another thermo regulator always mounted on the operator panel and a stainless steel electric board to contain all the control components.

Change of format without any problem

To vary production, from one format to another, it is enough that you replace some parts of the machine, adjust the filling device and the capping system height by means of the dedicated hand wheel present on the side of the machine, and recall the program in the touch screen panel. All the pieces to be able to make the format change are already adjusted inside the BDP and just need to be mounted!

Lot marking

It is also possible to include in the machine an ink-jet marking system to mark the lot number at the bottom or in the side of the containers during the translation of the transport star-wheel.

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