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APR 1000 - Infeed and outfeed rotary table

Aroma keeper cap laying machine

DM 1000 DMR 1000 - Mechatronic dosing machine (heated)

DOPA 2016: manual machine for filling hot products

DP 1000 DPR 1000 - Pneumatic dosing machine (heated)

Hot dosing + cooling line

Hot wax discs - MACIA

Linear filling and capping

MA 260 - Seaming machine

MA 99 FM MAP - Seaming machine with M.A.P. technology

MAGO 50 - Wax drops machine

Mastri 6000 - Machine for the production of depilatory strips

RTG 300 - Rotating filling and capping machine




TRD 2100 - Conveyor belt with sorting system

RTG 300 - Rotating filling and capping machine

Working has never been so amusing!

Intermittent rotating machine, suitable for the filling and capping of bottles.
RTG can carry out the filling of liquid, dense, semidense and heated products, and the following capping through screwing or beading.
RTG can be assembled in various configurations and equipped with different formats that, thanks to electronics that distinguishes it, can be rapidly recalled by the console.
RTG could be supplied as the RTG 300 with non-movable nozzles, with the dosing devices directly upon the bottles to be filled (therefore suitable for very dense products or that must be warmed up before being dosed) or as the RTG movable with dosing nozzles that directly enter into the bottles, to ease of insertion of product into the bottles.

A great flexibility

RTG is driven by an intelligent motorization for each present changeable movement (depending on the requested configuration, they range from a minimum of 3 up to a maximum of 10) that, controlled together with the other non-changeable movements by the newest generation control system, allow the operator to carry out many adjustments and functions (all recipes can be saved) in order to obtain the best result from each production.

Quick format change

The strong electronic personality that characterizes it and the careful technical choices of our designers, allow a very quick and simple format change on RTG.

Compactness and safety

Thanks to the small dimensions of the machine, the operator can constantly control each part of the machine in every processing stage. A set of control systems helps to avoid damages to any machine component and guarantees safety of the operator.

Hygiene, cleanliness and order

The peculiar structure, with back plates, is projected to lodge the most part of movements on the upper part of the machine, avoiding inconvenient and bulky supports on the top of the machine, allowing major cleanliness.
Furthermore, in the lower part of the machine, there is a spacious housing area, where the equipment can be placed, keeping order around the machine and optimizing the spaces.

Technical Data

Installed electric power---------------from 3 to 8 KW
Air pressure-----------------------------6 ATM.
Minimum bottle size-------------------20 mm. x 20 mm.
Maximum bottle size------------------110 mm. x 110 mm.
Minimum bottle height----------------15 mm.
Maximum bottle height--------------- 300 mm.
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